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Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family: Daray chapter 1

In our story, there are two worlds: the human Earth world and an alternate dimension: Kadrimoth. The house of Draequehaless rule one of the largest realms in this dimension.
In this chapter, prince Daray meets a very special woman who entices him and beds him, but will he ever see her again?

*This story is suitable for 16+ and is NSFW

Being a prince has its drawbacks

One dark and dreary night, Daray was on the prowl for fresh blood, but somewhat bored with it. He had devoured men and women in all gruesome ways imaginable in his young life, and he didn’t really feel all that challenged by the hunt anymore. His well trained, muscular chest heaved heavily as he contemplated the future of his less than thrilling existence, as foreseeable by himself. A loud and resounding sigh escaped into the cool spring air. 
His deep, mighty voice called out in rage and frustration over this destiny he had not chosen for himself. He was venting. In retrospect, he thought to himself, “I may have expedited my life so far to a point where I can’t feel creatively challenged any longer. How can a creature that is supposed to live forever have lived every possible ‘life’ he is interested in, in the time it takes for a boy to become a man? Surely there must be more to being undead than killing time and food”. 
He smashed a wall absentmindedly and tore the screaming woman that served as his late night snack out from her bedchamber. He hated it when his food stared at him, although admittedly he enjoyed seeing the life flow out of them. But, he decided to transform himself enough to grow long nails on his claws and he pressed them into her eyeballs. He then tore them out and tossed them to the ground for the scavengers that had been hot on his trail all night. He drank gluttonously from the increasingly lifeless little human he held in his relentless grip. 
When he felt well enough nourished, he threw the leftovers to the side and grew his paws out to jump up, then he flew away. 

The soft moon

He landed on the roof of his family’s palace, if you could call it that. According to Daray, he and his family deserved more respect by way of a colossal, architecturally superior palace than this plain eyesore. 
He sulked and sighed some more while waiting for some activity to come his way. He felt like hunting big game tonight. Women and children were just too easy. 
Little did he know he’d get more than he bargained for… 
While looking at the sky above him, he noticed the huge, pearly white moon that seemed to hover just above him. His eyes were obviously playing tricks on him with optical illusions, as the moon seemed to advance closer to him as he stared at it. It was as if he could claw it towards him. He chuckled at the thought and struck at the planet anyway, just for the hell of it. To his surprise his illusion felt soft and somewhat fleshy as he scratched the surface of it. He noticed the results of his action were some superficial flesh wounds. In fact, when he looked closer, they seemed to have disappeared altogether. Intrigued, he looked even closer and pressed one of his nails into the moon’s flesh and retracted it quickly.

Face of the moon

No blood flowed from the wounds, however shallow they were. He was used to blood gushing and flowing out of his maimed victims. There was absolutely no blood to be found, though surely there should be some gushing out of the deep puncture wound he had just created. He bit the moon hard. He felt his sharp fangs sink into the peachy soft surface and expected to taste blood any time now. He tasted nothing in fact, just air. Suddenly, he found himself not inside the moon’s flesh with his fangs, but outside of it again, as if the bite had never even happened. The moon stared at him and mesmerized by its interest, he stared back. What a curious attraction he felt to it. He sank deep into the silvery gaze of the vacant eyes and noticed the moon’s delicate features. It seemed to be unveiling it’s face and Daray really liked the face he came to see bit by bit. 
The high cheekbones and full lips betrayed the moon’s femininity. He slid his nails along the contours of her face and down her swan-like, long neck as it formed itself beneath him, gently scratching her skin as her form solidified.

NO foreplay

Her sensual body was covered by a very revealing, flowing dress. He violently tore the dress apart near her shoulders and gazed upon her growing breasts, unencumbered by the translucent fabric that had until a moment ago covered them. They were shapely, more so with every passing second.
He lay his claws around her hips and drew her closer to him. His deathly, icy breath now pressed against her lips sent chills down his spine as his arousal grew larger and larger. 
She wrapped herself around him and for a time it was is if they were one and the same organism. They rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the rain that had started to pour down by bucket-fulls. The icy cold water added a thrill unknown to Daray – or was it all due to this mysterious female that had literally landed in his lap? She seemed distant, as though not quite present, despite her body being fully intertwined with his. 
The nails of her delicate fingers planted deep into his back several times during their intercourse and this gave him such a rush! He bit her shoulder, now finding hold for his fangs, and grabbed her soft buttocks hard and firmly as he tried to enter her even deeper than before. She never moaned or spoke a word.


People normally would scream when they laid eyes on him, vampires cooed in hopes of getting on his good side, this was the way things were supposed to be. Her insolence by not granting him the proper respect and adoration should be punished! He clawed at her and expected her lifeless corps to fall to the ground but nothing of that sort happened. She curled herself tighter over him and they were joined in a cataclysmic dance that seemed to go on forever. It felt like this climax and that followed each other so speedily that time was blurring. He didn’t care. She felt so goooood! 
He decided to keep her for himself when the dawn started to arrive. She had given him something to look forward to and he wanted to access it at anytime he pleased. As a prince, he was entitled to that and so much more.
He grabbed her wrist, ready to fly her to his chambers and leave her with the help to get cleaned up and ready for more. As he prepared himself for flight, she didn’t so much slip away as morph out of his grip. He witnessed her voluptuous curves round out and her face disappear into a sea of milky white. The moon moved away into the distance and despite his best efforts, no clawing brought her closer to him. He flew after her in despair and had to admit defeat as the muscles in his body started to burn as he felt exhaustion take over. 
Daray was furious! How dare that insolent bitch simply fly away from him, and further and faster too! What supernatural strength did this harlot possess to defeat him! Next time, he would surely restrain her. He smashed down some trees and kicked over cows. He picked one up with his hind claws and flew away with it. High above the ground, he tore the bellowing animal limb from limb and tossed the pieces a far away as he could manage. 


The next night, he sat waiting atop the palace again, ready to bring his prize home this time. After over a hundred nights of waiting for her return, he realized there would be no next time. Shamed by her trickery and seduction, he kept their night to himself, despite his prying mother manipulating him into explain his recent bad moods. 
Years later, Daray was out hunting on a dreary night again. Having succumbed to the dreadful predictability of his life again, he felt particularly disinterested in the moon and paid no attention to it drawing closer to him again. He was unaware of her eyes as the pierced into his back. He was turned away from the face as it started to take form. Most of all, he didn’t notice the second face that, at a slower pace, but steadily, developed behind him. She never spoke a word as she willed him to turn around.
This time, surprise wasn’t exactly the feeling he experienced. Upon seeing her face, he lunched at her and tried to tear her throat out. Her glazed, silvery eyes stared vacantly as the flesh rearranged itself. Daray cursed, yelled, screamed bloody murder at his woman. He demanded: ‘She was his, right? He took her and owned her’. She did not reply.
The child’s blood red eyes grew large in fear for this monster. She whimpered and he prepared to snap her in two. The moon sternly blocked his action. He felt her voice penetrate his thoughts. He didn’t so much hear it as feel it. It hurt his entire being and he fell to the ground. “CCHHAAAANNNDDRRRAAA” she vibrated into his brain. “I am Chandra, the moon. You will take this child as I have no use for it. You are the co-creator and therefore you will raise it properly.” 
“NO!”, Daray bellowed. “ I will have nothing to do with children. You can’t decide what I am to do, I am Prince Daray! I answer to no-one!”

The child

Chandra forced him further down. The pain was nearly unbearable. Daray had never known such pain to exist before in his life. He buckled under the pressure and finally agreed to take the red-eyed girl as his own. Chandra demanded she be raised a moon as well, but Daray had no idea what that meant. 
Daray had to explain a lot to his mother Lilith when he returned with the child. Lilith of course noticed that her skin was grey like his and her eyes red like his as well (Daray had turned grey after years of keeping to the darkest chambers and travelling only by night).

The girl didn’t have Daray’s characteristic batlike ears though, nor did she show signs of being able to transform into a bat for ease of travelling. Daray always had been the odd one out, as he never properly learned to transform from bat into human form. As a child, the bat wings were his ears when in human form, later on, he at least managed to reduce their size by shrinking them into bat ears. He never did quite manage to transform to full human form anymore though. Lilith suspected this had more to do with his own motivation, as he clearly enjoyed the mortified screams and looks of his food when confronted with his appearance. 
Lilith listened to Daray’s erratic attest of the night he met the moon, this ‘Chandra’. She didn’t care much for his attention to detail when it came to the retelling of his copulation experience with this moon wench, so she waved her hand so as to expedite his story. When he was all done, he asked her what to do. This infuriated her! Now he asks for her advice! Whether she knew a governess capable of raising a child as a moon. This ridiculous request came and went, as she agreed to take the child into their family chambers and accept responsibility for it. Clearly Daray was incapable of raising a child on his own, whether it be as a moon or a regular vampire.

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