Useful links for BJD and doll fans

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Useful links for BJD fans and fans of other dolls, such as Barbie. Sorted by category for easy navigating. This is in no way a comprehensive listing of all ball jointed doll related websites, instead it represents the pages I frequently visit myself.


These websites provide general information about BJDs, dolls and the doll collecting hobby, such as news or information about companies and dealers. Others list very specific information regarding BJD and doll related subjects.

BJD FAQFrequently asked questions answered in my blog.
BJD Event CalendarAn overview of ball jointed doll conventions and meets worldwide.
BJD Collectasy BJD news site
The BJD PlaceBJD news site
Doll InsiderDoll news site
Den of Angels WikiThe largest (English) BJD forum worldwide
Cerberus Project BJD DatabaseA fan-made database for the early resin ball jointed dolls made by Cerberus Project.
Angel DenA very thorough Volks Super Dollfie Database and information site.
FashiondollzA big Barbie (face)book, an indispensable resource for identifying fashion dolls!
MH CollectorA database of Monster High dolls.
Endora Fashion Doll MagazineA Magazine for you, the fashion doll community.
Barbie Made To Move – Fashionista Skin Match ChartsUseful guides for matching Barbie doll skin tones to Made to Move bodies.


These are some ball jointed doll forums and groups I love hanging out in! I’m from the Netherlands, so I tend to search for Dutch people to join up with in meetings myself.

Den of AngelsThe largest (English) BJD forum worldwide
BJDNL RedditNederlandstalige Reddit groep voor BJD fans
BJD CafeDutch BJD forum
Epic RealmDutch BJD forum
BJD BabbelsDutch BJD Facebook group
BJD Verkoop GroepDutch BJD Facebook sales & trades group
Discord BJDThe largest BJD community on Discord
BJD RedditReddit community for BJD fans

Buying dolls

BJD CollectorsA marketplace to sell your new and used BJD items easily for no cost
Dolly buyer/seller bewareA Facebook group for listing known scammers and bad transactions in the general doll hobby
MercariA marketplace to sell your new and used doll items
MandarakeJapanese store for secondary market collectibles

Conventions and fairs

Cons are a fun way of interacting with other fans and scoring some sweet loot for yourself! There is so much to do: from shopping to taking pictures of dolls, attending creative workshops and simply catching up with friends. Which is your favorite convention and why?

BJD Event CalendarAn overview of BJD and doll conventions
Epic Doll FairDutch BJD convention
Dolls RendezvousFrench BJD convention
Les Dolls du LacFrench BJD convention
DollscarRussian BJD convention

My Little Pony and other horses

These websites provide information about My Little Pony, Fashion Star Fillies and Grand Champions.

The CatwalkFan site about Fashion Star Fillies
My Little WikiKnowledgebase for all generations of My Little Pony

Do you know of useful links for BJD fans that are not in this list? Leave a comment below with the name and link to the website to have it included here!


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