Angela is Nariko’s best friend and the singer in Takahiro’s band.

ball jointed doll

I just want to be famous, whether it is through modelling or with singing, I want to be known for my beauty and talent.

My best friend is Nariko, her boyfriend Takahiro is the lead guitar player of a band that I sing in.

Type of DollPreviously: Volks SD13 Nana
Volks Daria SD16
Type of EyesKanis glass eyes
Face-up in picture aboveDefault by Volks
Date of arrival11-01-2008
Meaning of nameAngel


ball jointed dollChillin 8


Relationships Nariko – best friend
Takahiro – befriended band member
Shirou – boyfriend
Favorite quote
LifeAngela is a model and Nariko’s best friend and she just happens to sing pretty well. When Takahiro and Jack decided to form a band, they asked her to sing in it and so she does now. She’s a total fashion junkie, but she also likes a punky, alternative style.

Owner’s story

Angela’ss character started out as a Volks SD13 Nana, but she was reshelled in this doll to reflect her more mature looks.