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On July 1st, 2022 my Sideshow Muse of Bone: Spector Blank BJD arrived! That was crazy fast, I ordered her on June 29th, so she arrived only two days later.
She is a 1/4 sized mature fashion style ball jointed doll of around 45.7cm height. Join me in unboxing her in below and read on for the review.

Box opening of Sideshow Muse of Bone BJD

She arrived in an extra outer box, this is an option Sideshow provides for extra security during transit. Inside was an outer box and a gift: a book that provides a peak inside the Sideshow Toys studio.

The pretty black box is wrapped with white tissue paper. Inside was a beautiful black pillow, decorated with lace. The doll is placed securely inside it, tied to the pillow with several pieces of black string. To be honest, I would have personally wrapped their delicate hands and ankles with some bubble wrap for additional protection, but despite that she arrived safely in one piece.

About the artist

If you’re also tickled by the beauty of these girls, show Sideshow Toys some love by visiting their shop! You can find some inspiration for customizing her on my Pinterest board here.

Review of Sideshow Muse of Bone BJD


The headback is secured to her head with neodymium magnets. The resin is quite thin around the edges, which honestly does make it look more like real bone.

Her face is so incredibly detailed! I adore all the little lines and cracks, they really give off a feeling of bone mass. The resin there is very thin though, so can notice the light shining through the top of her head for instance. She will require a very gentle touch when handling and posing her, for sure.

Her head has a limited range of motion at the top of her neck, but all the more at the bottom. She can gaze up and forward, but not down.


She comes with resin eyes that snap onto a peg inside her head. I think this is an ingenious design, which allows for a lot of customization options for the owner. They are about 8 mm wide. The doll’s eye openings are also about 8 mm wide, but due to the design, the eyes fit very snugly.
For now, I placed black beads inside her head, to determine if that is what I would like for her final look.


The doll comes tightly strung, which allows her to hold poses very well! Her double-jointed elbow allows the arm to bend fully, so she is able to touch her own face gracefully. The torso joint allows for tilting backwards and forwards, making her capable of a crouched position.

Peanut shaped hip joints allows her to lift her thighs, but not quite against her belly. Her peanut knee joints allow for nice posing, although her leg can bend backwards to a 45 degree angle at most. Like most dolls with a double thigh joint, she can hug her knees.
She can sit cross-legged with the greatest ease, as well as sit with her legs sideways. The doll can not stand unsupported on both legs, at least not without shoes.

Also, her hands and feet do not have a wide range of motion. Her hands are secured with neodymium magnets. It did take me some effort to push the hands onto the wrist joints. They feel pretty secure, so I don’t fear that they will easily fall off.


Elegant and delicately shaped fingers with pronounced finger nails and digits immediately catch the eye of the beholder. The sculpt of the hands looks moderately relaxed, as if the doll motions towards something without great emphasis. The hands bend backwards and forwards in about a 45 degree angle.


Her high heel feet are roughly the same shape and size as those of my Popovy Sisters dolls. I have included one of their extra feet for comparison. here. Positions for these feet are fairly limited, but this does provide stability for posing.

I hope to be able to customize these shoes that were made to fit the Popovy feet. It will take some work, as the toes are notably thicker and the heel is a bit more pronounced.
Compared to the Popovy feet, the Muse of Bone’s feet lack quite some definition.

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