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BJD convention

Together with a team of fantastic volunteers I have organized several Dolliverse BJD conventions and workshops over the years. Follow the links below to see pictures that have been shared by our participants!

Dolliverse Flickr

Dolliverse Flickriver

Dolliverse Pinterest

BJD Colectasy Dolliverse 2014

Magic Mirror Maeve debut on Dolliverse 2014

Tsukifly about Dolliverse 2014

Pictures by Brenna-Ivy of Dolliverse 2012

05Nataku’s pictures of Dolliverse 2012

Leyla Fashion about Dolliverse 2011

Miekkslook about Dolliverse 2011

Charles’ Creature Cabinet pictures of Dolliverse 2009

Dolliverse 2009 Flickr

For more information about BJD’s, visit Wikipedia

What is your favorite Dolliverse convention memory? Share your comments below!