Sakura is the guardian of Pandora, who is the daughter of Daray and Chandra.

ball jointed doll

My sole purpose is to guard the safety of my liege, Pandora Draequehaless.

Type of DollFairyland Beakaway scar head in white skin on Active Line Minifee body in beautiful white skin with scar arms
Type of EyesSouldoll acrylic
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsOpened her eye, sanded her nose, bent her fingers so she can grip her katana
Date of arrival
Meaning of namecherry blossom


ball jointed doll


PersonalityFierce, protective
Relationships Pandora – the princess she protects
Favorite quote
LifeAfter Pandora was born, the Royal Family needed someone to guard the future Moon Goddess. They appointed the task to the highly skilled Sakura.

Owner’s story