Pandora Draquehaless

Pandora is the daughter of Daray and Chandra.

ball jointed doll

I ‘m not really sure what I want. My mother wants me to become the next moon goddess, but my father’s family wish to raise me as a princess of house Draequeheless. They can’t seem to agree on where I belong, though…

Type of DollDD-Anne Fairygarden Pei Yi in zombie skin. We no longer have this doll.
Type of EyesRed glass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival
Meaning of nameAll gift (Greek)


ball jointed dollball jointed doll

Story of the Draequehaless family

The Moon


PersonalityDaddy’s little girl, cold and distant.
Relationships Daray – father
Chandra – mother
Sakura – guardian
Favorite quote
LifePandora is the successor of Chandra as the future moon goddes. She was conceived primarily to serve this purpose. Her mother could not raise a child however and left her with her father until she had matured.

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