Queen Sericea Draequehaless

Sericea is the mother of Morgan, Lilith and Bran.

ball jointed doll

I wish to keep my children safe and secure my dynasty, while providing my realm with the leadership they so desperately need.

Type of DollFairyland Feeple 70 body with Luts Cerberus Project Na-nu-ri Beauty White 2007 summer event head
Type of Eyes18mm soom soft silicone
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
Date of arrival
Meaning of nameSilky (inspired by the Silky Magpie, Sericea Pica, because of her natural liking of ‘shinies’ ).


ball jointed doll

Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family

Chapter 1: Sericea’s predicament
Chapter 2: The outcast
Chapter 3: Seer, tell me, what does the future hold?


PersonalityShe is sensual, caring, worrysome.
Relationships King Araniár Draequehaless – husband (deceased)
Bran Draequehaless – eldest son, a bastard than was sired be an angel who raped Sericea
Morgan Draequehaless – daughter, twin of:
Lilith Draequehaless – daughter
Zestos – lover
Cola – guardian
Goals in life
Favorite quote
Life A long time ago, she was the victim of rape and after losing her husband years later, she fell into despair and turned into a harlot to compensate for her grief.

Owner’s story