Orin is a friend of Aurora and lives with his clan, the Fihalthi, in the Sehaeloth  woods.

Bambicrony Elf Kumi

I want to be kind to all creatures and take care of them.

Type of DollBambicrony Elf Kumi 2nd Floral White (Boy)
Type of EyesGlib Lifelike Acrylics Sunflower
Face-up in picture abovePink Hazard
Date of arrival3-1-2008
Meaning of nameTree Elf


Orin the faun


PersonalityGiving, kind soul, provides comfort and help to anyone who needs it.
Relationships Fionnuala – clan member
Tarion – clan druid
Sivia – clan member
Fiyero – clan leader
Devin – clan member
Sorcha – clan member
Kallista – clan member
Princess Aurora Draquehaless – friend
Favorite quote
LifeOne day Orin noticed a tragic little dead girl, Princess Aurora, and felt she needed to be happy. He started leaving her little gifts, which were always received with a tiny smile. He likes hiding and dresses himself to blend in with his surroundings. Although Princess Aurora does not know who is leaving her these presents, she looks forward to receiving them, hoping to meet her unknown friend someday…
I live with my clan  of Therianthropes, we are all part animal by curse but have found a way to co-exist and survive by working together.

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