Marcia / Marika

Marika is Nariko’s little sister. She was raised by Lilith Draequehaless however, who turned her into a vampire.

minifee Marcia BJD vampire

I want to become as revered and feared a witch as auntie Lilith.

Marika has lived through tragedy at a very young age, after being torn from her home and raised by a vampire princess in another world, she could not reconcile what she had become with who she used to be. This has caused a split in her personality, with the vicious Marcia usually living in the forefront under Lilith’s watchful eye. Every now and again the timid and sorrowful Marika makes a brief appearance when she feels safe enough.

Type of DollCerberus Project Minifée Marcia and Dreaming Marcia with Beautiful Line body
Type of EyesGlass
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsDreaming Marcia: Sculpted Vampire fangs with apoxie clay on the dreaming head mold
Date of arrival3-1-2008
Meaning of name


Minifee Marcia BJD reflectionminifee marcia bjd vampireminifee Marcia BJD vampireminifee dreaming Marcia BJD


Cunning, charming, I hate teddy bears and feel the uncontrollable urge to destroy them.
Shy, melancholical, withdrawn.
Relationships Nariko – sister
Princess Lilith Draquehaless – adoptive mother
HobbiesPlaying with my food before I eat them, Lolita
Favorite quote
PetsI can’t have any, aunt Lilith won’t allow it since they are filthy.
LifeMarika is Nariko’s older sister. When Nariko was 5 years old, Marika, then at the age of 10, disappeared. For years the family did not know what had happened to their eldest daughter.
When she was young, Marika saw monsters under her bed. She was old enough to realize they weren’t real. Until they proved to actually BE real. She was frightened out of her whits, but her mother convinced her that her teddy bear would protect her from danger.
Marika came to believe the bear actually would keep her safe and when the ‘monsters’ came to take her away, she held it in front of her for protection. Needless to say, the bear was torn to pieces and left as the only witness to what happened; a pathetic reminder of the cuddly friend of a child. The image of the mauled bear was the last memory Marika would have of her human existence before she blacked out.
Marika is a sweet young girl, so long as she can suppress her vampire hunger and with that, her other personality. She looks up to her sister Nariko, although she wishes that she had had the opportunity to grow up like her sister did.

Marcia: ‘ The very first memory I have was waking up at aunt Lilith’s house. She was very cold and distant, but I respected her wisdom and grace and in time I came to love her as a mother. She told me my name was Marcia and that my parents had died and that I was all alone in the world. She would be my guardian if I were to be an obedient apprentice.
Over the years, she has schooled me in many things and one day I hope to become as proficient in the art of magic as she is. She has also taught me how to feed the Hunger that tends to take control of me every once in a while and how to use my charms to seduce my food.
From her I learned to exploit my youthful looks and charm people into trusting me. When I can get close enough, the warm fluids are my greatest reward. ‘
Marcia is a young vampire and she hasn’t really mastered the art of feeding yet. Every time she grows her fangs, they pierce her lips and so she usually looks like a bloody mess even before she feeds.

Owner’s story

I just love this face, her delicate little nose and serious expression! If the Marcia sculpt were ever revisited, I would love to see her with smaller, more realistic eyes though. I might actually get an additional Marcia head to mod at some point, a I’m sure she would be even lovelier with less wide eyes.