Demon of Wrath ( Ira ) Demonic name: Satan. Zestos is one of the Seven Brothers of the Deadly Sins. He has an affair with Sericea.

ball jointed doll

I want to bring mankind to its knees in awe of my greatness.

Type of DollSoom Monthly Doll May Sard – Night Odyssey
Type of EyesSoom soft silicone
Face-up in picture aboveBy me
ModificationsStyled his Monique London 8-9 OB wig
Date of arrival31-05-2008
Meaning of nameHot ( Greek )


ball jointed dollball jointed doll

Poem (written by me, 2006)

I just wanted you to know
That the hate that grows inside me
It grows stronger everyday
And the fact that you just loved me
Didn't make it go away
For the darkness that I'm feeling
Is just my own way of dealing
With the struggles in my life
And the sympathy you're showing
Makes me want to stab my knife
In the soft spots of your body
And you'll bleed out 'till you're dead
Which will maybe put a stop
To all the voices in my head


PersonalityAngry, vengeful, a hothead
Relationships Queen Sericea Draequehaless – lover
Rosier (demon of Love) – father
Kazuo – brother
Shirou – brother
Kamal – brother
Vicente – brother
Massimiliano – brother
Milo – brother
Kallista – daughter
Goals in life
Favorite quote
LifeI am an old demon. I started out life as a Satyr and enjoyed my time. But as humans progressed to the Christian and other monotheistic religions, replacing the old beliefs in gods and mythical beings, I and my fellow demigods were forgotten. In my case, I was demonized! After hundreds of years spending my time unremembered or feared, but certainly not acknowledged, I developed a grudge against humans. These puny beings deserve the suffering I can deliver onto them. Perhaps then will they know my name and tremble in fear…

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