Seers of time gallery

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These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.

Dolls go through various stages for full customization, from a blank canvas to a fully painted, dressed and accessorized personality to reflect the characters they portray.
I never start out with a set plan, the way my dolls look develops organically as I work on them. Aside from creating their clothing, styling their wigs, finding just the right eyes and modifying their bodies and painting them, I love flea market/ thrift store/ antique shop finds to complete their looks. Siobhánns scarf, apron, dress and clasp for instance are vintage, we modified her garments to fit her perfectly.

Aoibheann is an Angel Egg Dentelle Noi, Súileabhán is a Doll Chateau Bella and Siobhánn is a Dollzone Emily ball jointed doll ( BJD ). You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

ball jointed doll
ball jointed doll
ball jointed doll