Seer, tell me, what does the future hold?

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Stories of Kadrimoth – the Draequehaless family: Sericea chapter 3

In our story, there are two worlds: the human Earth world and an alternate dimension: Kadrimoth. The house of Draequehaless rule one of the largest realms in this dimension.
In this chapter, queen Sericea consults a seer to answer her burning question: what does the future hold?

The bastard prince

From a very young age, crown prince Bran was a unique child, some even whispered he was an outcast in his own world. What the whisperers were unaware of, was that if the truth about his true nature were to ever come out, things would not end well for the young boy.

It did not take long for Queen Sericea to realize how fragile their situation was. Fearing for her bastard son’s life and tortured with questions she could not answer, she finally decided to summon the seer she had heard so much about. Legend had it, the seer was many thousands of years old and her wisdom was vast, if not infinite. Not once in the history that was passed on in the world did she predict future events that would prove to be wrong.
Sericea needed to know what to do with her son and so, the seer was sent for.

The exalted

Súileabhán had indeed been around for quite some time, longer than even she herself could remember. Having been taught the dark arts and mastering them over the millennia of her existence, she managed to survive by changing hosts when the time came.
This travesty against the very nature of life meant placing her essence in another person’s vessel so she may survive. She did have to suppress or evict it’s original inhabitant in order for this garish ritual to succeed, though. She had done this countless times, so many that the memory of her original body had faded over time and was now a sheer veil in her awareness. There were vague traces of ‘herself’ that emerged at times, but would slip her mind soon after. She had long since her first infiltration grown accustomed to the act in all it’s gruesome and heartless facets and no longer felt remorse for her victims. The lesser beings were simply there to serve her needs and their purpose, and serve they would.

When Súileabhán was summoned by the queen of house Draequehaless, no less, she admittedly was slightly insulted. No-one, mortal or immortal, summoned her! Beings were granted permission to grovel at her feet for a dip in the vast pool of her knowledge. Even for a queen to simply request her presence, was an outrage!
After her initial response of disdain and loathing, she finally did begrudgingly decide to honor the queen with a consultation. For the sake of good relations, she would grace queen Sericea with her assistance as the oracle (not her queen, certainly, she didn’t answer to anybody).

The oracle

Waiting for news of the seer’s response was unbearable for Sericea, the days were long and plenty, and her nerves were tested frequently as she suspected her court to see through the reason of her anxiety. The secret weighed down heavily on her, the burden almost too much for the ancient vampiress to bear.
When at long last the messenger returned with the long awaited seer of the future, Sericea’s heart jumped a beat and she felt giddy as a young child. Preparations had been made to receive her esteemed guest with all due respect and reverence. Only the very best bedding, the most loyal and subservient servants and a banquet fit for the likes of a demi-god were waiting for the great seer.
She had a special room prepared for the oracle, reserved specifically for divination. Not a soul was allowed to enter the sacred space after it had been cleansed thoroughly by the priestesses of Àm.
Madame Súileabhán was, suffice it to say, less than pleasing upon her arrival at the castle. Servants were being yelled at and manhandled by the oracle, her blind eyes lit up as though they were on fire while she expressed her discontent almost ceaselessly. Sericea took notice of the reports she received from her ladies, but simply assumed the trip had taken it’s toll on the seer and thought nothing more of it. Little did she know, it was in Mme. Súileabhán’s nature to behave in this holier-than-though fashion…

The revelation

At long last Sericea found herself in the sacred divination room, alone with the seer of the future who would be able to elaborate on the one question that was surged into her mind of late: ‘what does the future hold?’ . The revelations of the seer were astounding, stupefying. Sericea sat quietly, motionless and kneeled on the floor, at the feet of the oracle. She was flabbergasted by the words she heard uttered by the oracle.
Not only would her son not die (that lifted the greatest of her worries) by the hands of his vast legion of enemies, he would eventually become the most important figure in the history of their realm later in his life.
The war between the Sidhe and the Angels would go on for many years to come, which to Sericea was no real surprise as having grown up with it like so many others, she assumed nothing else. But her beautiful boy Bran would somehow end it eventually!

It was then foretold that there was a legendary sword, which, in the hands of the offspring with the blood of both Sidhe and Angel, would end it all. This elusive sword was as much an anomaly as it’s handler, for it would mend instead of break, heal instead of hurt and offer life instead of death.
The karma of the sword’s origins was so dark, unspeakable and abominable, that in order to maintain the delicate balance that binds the universe, it had to turn fully and exude an unstoppable force of positive energy once wielded by the chosen one.
Bran would spend many years tracking the whereabouts to obtain this sword, before being worthy of becoming it’s bearer.
The seer did not see it fit to elaborate any further, because what Sericea did not know, was Súileabhán saw that the sword of this prophecy was the very sword that would take King Araniár’s last breath in years to come. The seer did not wish to risk the wrath of the queen to fall upon her, so she wisely kept silent about the more unpleasant details of her prophecy.

The future

Long after Bran had reached the age of maturity, he learned more of the whereabouts of the sword. It was on a world called Earth, in a vastly different dimension. He would end up travelling there to obtain the sword from a boy called Takahiro, but that is another tale for another time.

All characters featured in this story are BJD’s from our personal ball jointed doll collection. You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

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