I see not death, but how they lived

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Stories of Kadrimoth – The seers of time

These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.

Part of the fun of ball jointed doll collecting is sharing what you do with them with other fans. This gallery is dedicated to BJD characters who play a particular role in our stories.

The seers of time play important roles in the world of Kadrimoth, because they guide our main characters in their life stories. Siobhánn (Dollzone Emily ball jointed doll) is the seer of the past, she is as much a part of it as it’s channel to the present.

As the seer of the past, she hangs on to everything. Unable to say goodbye to belongings, friends, family, pets and any other part of life, she has a growing collection of personal memorabilia.

The sometimes morbid relics of the past are kept in safe places she can visit, as she travels a lot. She does have her own little house in the forest, which is where she keeps her greatest treasures. The remnants of living creatures do no represent death to her, but hold treasured memories she has never had herself, but can see with her gift.

Siobhánn is a Dollzone Emily ball jointed doll ( BJD ). You can learn more about her, by visiting their profile pages:

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