Arbor Mortis

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Stories of Kadrimoth – The seers of time

These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.

Part of the fun of ball jointed doll collecting is sharing what you do with them with other fans. This gallery is dedicated to BJD characters who play a particular role in our stories.
The seers of time play important roles in the world of Kadrimoth, because they guide our main characters in their life stories.

Siobhánn feels very attracted to dead trees, they represent a part of a vivid past to her. She also receives images about the past through the energy the dead trees still emit. She uses these very images to perform her tasks as a seer.

Súileabhán doesn’t care much about the past and waiting for her sister at the Arbor Mortis seemed to take forever.

Súileabhán is a Doll Chateau Bella and Siobhánn is a Dollzone Emily ball jointed doll ( BJD ). You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

ball jointed doll

ball jointed doll

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