Are BJD’s a certain size?

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Are BJD’s a certain size?

Despite the very first ABJD being presented in a 1/3-of-life scale, BJD’s are available in a huge range of different sizes, from just a few centimeters to actual life size.

Some (humanoid) examples of this would be:

Common sizes

1/6 * YoSD – most dolls in this scale are between 20 and 35 cm tall children, examples are the Volks YoSD dolls,

1/4 * MSD – roughly around 40-47cm tall pre-teens, although younger children have now also been released in this scale (such as the Dollzone 1/4 BB dolls).

1/3 * SD – generally between 56-65 cm tall teenagers and adults. SD10 indicates a 10-year old, where SD13 and SD16 respectively represent 13 and 16 year old people.

1/3 * Hound – named after Dollshe, who was the first well known artist/company who released an adult doll in this scale. Volks also released SD17 in this scale, which ranges roughly from 65-72 cm.

Other sizes

1/12 * Tiny – the smallest commercially available BJD’s are about 5cm tall (by Dreamhigh Studio, as far as I know), although even smaller artist dolls do exist. The largest dolls in this scale would be around 20cm tall children or fantasy creatures.

1/6 * Mature – actually about the same size as above, but instead of children, they range from teenagers to adults in a scale similar to fashion dolls and action figures. The first ones I know of, were the Unoa Light dolls by Alchemic Labo in resin (Azurite and Fluorite). Recently, they re-released this size with a vinyl body and resin head!

1/4 * Mature – most of these dolls are slim, like BiMong Narae. All of these dolls are pre-teen or adult. For me, it’s very hard to say exactly when a doll is a mature mini or more like a 16″ fashion doll style BJD, all seem to fall into this category but wig, eyes, clothing and shoe sizes are vastly different.

The restSoom released the Mecha Angel series of 80cm adult males, Dollmore released Lusion doll children of 80-84 and Trinity doll teens of 105 cm. But life-size dolls have been created in even larger sizes by D-Storic (the 173cm Izi) and Magical Angel (Iris of 180cm).

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