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A spotlight post about Triffony Art Work BJD, detailing what makes these artist-created dolls unique and special. 
In this blog series, I will share information about some well-known and lesser-known ball jointed doll artists who work in resin in around 16″ (1/4 or 40-45cm) size, so theoretically these dolls would look good as a companion to the Popovy Sisters BJD I own. In following posts I will also talk about similar realistic fashion style BJD’s in materials such as porcelain and similar dolls in alternative sizes.

ball jointed doll

Brand: Triffony Art Work

Artist(s): Tatiana Trifonova
Created in: Russia

Genders available: female (anthro and human)
Doll in picture: Sphinx
Skin tones available: Normal, Cappucino, Black

Can share clothes with:

No information yet.

Do you know of dolls that can share clothing , wigs or shoes with Triffony Art Work dolls? Leave your comments below!


My Triffony Art Work Sphinx doll is tightly strung, but her knees are honestly a bit unstable and she does not easily hold a pose because of this. Her arms are single jointed, so limited in range of poses, but very graceful.Her flat feet enable her to stand unsupported. I love how nicely her torso is sculpted, it really fits with the aesthetic of the Sphinx cat she is an anthropomorphic representation of.

SphinxCollection fall 2018
Neck jointsingledouble
Shoulder jointssinglesingle
Elbow jointssingledouble (peanut)
Wrist jointssinglesingle
Finger joints
Thigh jointsdouble (peanut)double (peanut)
Leg jointscup over thigh jointcup over thigh joint
Knee jointsdouble (peanut)double (peanut)
Ankle jointssinglesingle
Foot jointssinglesingle
Additional joints

Measurements in cm

SphinxCollection fall 2018
Length 3546
Head circumference 13
Wig size in inchesN/A
Eye size in millimeters108mm
Leg length including foot19,825,5
Foot length 3,34,7
Foot width 1,51,7
Arm length including hand12,313,5
Neck circumference5,55,8

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The dolls depicted in this blog post are from our personal ball jointed doll collection. You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

ball jointed doll
Triffony Art Work Sphinx