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These dolls are from our personal ball jointed doll collection and are not for sale.

Part of the fun of ball jointed doll collecting is sharing what you do with them with other fans. This gallery is dedicated to BJD characters who play a particular role in our stories.
This is Marika ( a Minifee Marcia BJD ), a young girl who has suffered through too much to cope with. As a result of all the trauma, she now has a split personality: Marcia is the vicious primary side of her that has been raised as a vampire, Marika is the withdrawn little girl who only presents herself when she feels safe.

Marika feels trapped and abandoned, after being abducted to another world and being raised by a vampire. Internally, she is screaming for help, whenever she feels safe enough to come to the surface. Most of the time her stronger personality, Marcia, presents herself.
The knife she holds is something she always secretly carries with herself, to be able to protect herself. When she was younger, she could not fight off her abductors. She has lived in fear ever since that fateful day when she was torn from her family and her world.

All dolls depicted in this gallery are from our personal ball jointed doll collection. You can learn more about them, by visiting their profile pages:

minifee Marcia vampire BJD
Marcia / Marika