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My all time favorite movie – The Dark Crystal – was released in the year I was born (it was a really good year for new releases, along with the iconic My Little Pony line first hitting the stores ).
Growing up, my brother and I watched this epic tale starring the Gelfling Jen and Kira so many times that our video tape eventually was damaged beyond repair.
For the longest time, I was inconsolable, because we were unable to find a replacement for the tape. Luckily the advent of the DVD saved me from a lifetime of grief when I was able to find this beloved film again.

My collection of The Dark Crystal

As a doll nerd, nothing makes me happier than getting my favorite characters as dolls or figures. The more detailed and life-like, the better! Enjoy this humble collage of my current collection. So many plans to paint them and bring out their features even better…

The Dark Crystal doll dreams

I really want an army of dolls from Thra. I have for the longest time and this desire is only growing each time I watch the movie or read the books. Two Gelflings were a magnificent wish-come-true.
Now that the Frouds and the Hensons and all the incredibly talented people in these productions have expanded upon this astonishing world with the new Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance Netflix series, countless more unique characters have been brought to life. Countless Gelfling with equally unique faces, along with Aughra, even more Podlings than the original movie, Skeksis, Urru and all the wonderful creatures inhabiting Thra. I really just want to move into the movie set and be done with it!

If I could recreate just a small part of this magical world to enjoy in my home, I would be so incredibly happy! Honestly, there is so much to love that picking even a favorite scene to try to emulate has been impossible for as long as I can remember. But a girl can dream…
Aughra’s Observatory (an enormous metal orrery depicting the planetary system around Thra) would be one of my favorites. This must be the single most mesmerizing contraption in the lore of Thra.

And dream I do, of Ball Jointed Doll Gelflings and BJD Aughra for instance. I wish I were patient enough to sit down and sculpt these myself and a talented enough seamstress so I could craft their garments to the tiniest detail. Not yet, but never say never!
Dreams of fully dressed Gelfling dolls riding on articulated Landstriders and pose-able crystal bats spying on this tiny world. Of Garthim figures carrying poor Podling dolls and Skeksis and Urru on the verge of merging back into UrSkeks. Of fuzzy Fizgigs, slippery Nebries, glistening Silk Spitters and furry Muskis scattering, crawling and slithering about.

The Dark Crystal dolls

When Sideshow released the articulated and fully dressed action figures of Jen and Kira, accompanied by Fizgig and of course carrying the iconic crystal shard, I didn’t have to think twice about pre-ordering them. In all honesty, I have been meaning to customize them for years now, because stunningly detailed as they are, they are a little off in their facial features – and of course Kira is lacking her signature wings (!). To make them perfect, I still plan to sit down with them and enhance them to better approach the look and feel of the puppets in the movie.
Years later, my mother found a hand-sculpted Urru (Mystic) doll and I was a very happy girl!

The Dark Crystal action figures

For years I hoped and waited for more dolls or action figures to be released, sadly missing out on the Chamberlain Skeksis figure when it became available. Then, a few years back, the ReAction figure line was released which gently scratched my itch for more figures. However cute this line is, it is not incredibly detailed and sadly lacking in poseability.

Ever since the first promo pictures were released, I have wanted a Deethra (Deet) doll.

The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance

Figures available from Amazon
The Hunter Skeksis – SkekMalDeet (Deethra)
AughraSilk Spitter

The Dark Crystal

JenKira and Fizgig
The Chamberlain Skeksis – SkekSilAughra
Mystic Urru – UrSol the ChanterJen and Landstrider

If you’re stricken with the Dark Crystal fan-virus and want to delve into the world of Thra, I really recommend visiting first.

The Dark Crystal books

After that, catch up on your reading with all the wonderful books surrounding the lore of Thra. Some of my favorites are linked below, where you can buy them on Amazon.

The Creation Myths volumes are beautifully illustrated graphic novels. Witness the birth of Aughra, the first Gelfling, the arrival of the Urskeks and the corruption that eventually lead to the separation into the Skeksis and the Urru.

Author J. M. Lee has written captivating books that take place long before the story of Jen and Kira. Follow lead character Naia, whose brother Gurjin is a palace guard for the Skeksis. She sets out to find him and discovers that his friend Rian has been accused of murdering fellow guard Mira. She will discover a great deal more about the truth as her adventure unfolds.
Joseph is also the creative consultant for the Age of Resistance series on Netflix, bringing several of his characters to the screen!

Brain Frouds’s beautifully illustrated
The World of the Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal
Creation Myths volume 1
The Dark Crystal
Creation Myths volume 2
The Dark Crystal
Creation Myths volume 3
J.M. Lee
Shadows of the Dark Crystal
J.M. Lee
Song of the Dark Crystal
J.M. Lee
Tides of the Dark Crystal
J.M. Lee
Flames of the Dark Crystal


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