Devin treehugger

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Stories of Kadrimoth – The Fihalthi clan

These dolls are from our personal ball jointed doll collection and are not for sale.

Part of the fun of ball jointed doll collecting is sharing what you do with them with other fans. This gallery is dedicated to BJD characters who play a particular role in our stories.

Little Devin treehugger is so adventurous! He is shy towards people he doesn’t know very well, but he actually loves exploring and trying out new things. Here he can be seen playing around a majestic great tree in the Sehaeloth woods. He earned his nickname ‘treehugger’ by always being very caring for the trees, touching them to hear what they have to say.

Devin is a Dollzone deer boy resin ball jointed doll ( BJD ). You can learn more about him, by visiting his profile page:

Devin BJD

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